6 Best Pet Strollers for Dogs: 3 and 4 Wheelers

Pet StrollersDog strollers are the perfect way to get your pet out of the house when they have mobility problems. They are the modern way to keep pets with joint pain, arthritis or any health issue close to you whenever you go jogging, walking or shopping. And using a dog-stroller really minimizes the separation stress dogs feel when left home alone. It’s good for owners, too, as you can stay active and continue your regular walking schedule, knowing your pet is safely contained in her stroller.

There are so many dog strollers available right now, which certainly highlights how popular this idea is with pet-parents. But you could spend entire days sifting through the different features and sizes, before finding the right stroller for your pet. So here’s a short-cut to the 6 best-selling dog strollers right now, including a great stroller for large breeds!

Paws & Pals City Dog Stroller

The nifty City Walk ‘n’ Stride dog stroller is great for city streets and park pathways. Dual front wheels make it very stable and rear brakes give security when you stop for a break. It has 2 cup-holders for enjoying coffee or a cooling drink on the go. And the waterproof hood can be up when it’s cold or raining, or down on sunny walks in the park!

It’s easy to put your pet into this stroller from the front or the back entry points. With ventilation mesh keeping your pet safe from insect bites, there’s good air-flow and visibility. This stroller has a handle height of 40 “, which is comfortable for pushing and the plastic wheels are smooth and silent. The strong base with a pad on top is comfortable for one or two small dogs. This model comes in four color options. The dimensions are: Folded: 32″L x 17″W x 11″H with the Stroller measuring: 34″L x 18″W x 40″H and the Carriage: 21″L x 14″W x 19″H.


  • HD lightweight aluminium frame
  • Large undercarriage storage tray
  • Easy to fold/unfold and sturdy
  • Interior seat belts and leashes keep dogs safely inside
  • 2 cup-holders
  • Easy to assemble


Only suitable for pavements – not for uneven ground


Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Dog Stroller

No-zip dog strollers are great for easy access to your pet, without having to struggle with tricky zippers or cold, stiff fingers! The sturdy metal frame supports an optional accessory, weather-resistant hood that can be closed up, half-retracted or left open to the fresh air.

The front gives a wide viewing ‘window’ for your pet, whilst protecting from insects and allowing good ventilation. The storage bin is large and deep, and there’s a super, elevated paw rest bar if your dog prefers to stand whilst travelling in style! Dimensions – 21.5” L x 11.5” W x 17” H – maximum weight 70 lbs. Handle height is 40 inches. Various color options available.


  • No-Zip easy access
  • Flip-down mesh screen
  • Removable washable lining
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Raised paw rest
  • Deep storage bin
  • 6” easy-roll wheels with front shock-absorbers
  • 2 handy cup holders


  • The all-weather hood is an optional extra sold separately
  • There’s no soft pad included for comfort

VIVO 4-Wheel Dog Stroller – Foldable

This pretty pink and white dog stroller gives a smooth ride and has a durable, steady metal frame. It has three zip-up access points for getting your pet in and out easily. And several mesh ‘windows’ for good all-round viewing, bug protection and ventilation. There are the usual 2 cup holders and a deep storage tray.

This dog stroller is fully foldable, which is easy to do using two latches set on each side. The back wheels have brakes, keeping your pet secure whenever you stop for a while. The metal pushing handle is fabric-covered, which keeps it warmer to the touch on cold, snowy days. The recommended weight is 30 lbs. and this pet stroller comes in a wide range of 7 different colors. Handle height is 39 inches.


  • Comfy padded inside base
  • Wide mesh screens
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • 2 cup holders plus useful center tray
  • Deep storage bin
  • Wide range of colors
  • Rear brakes


Easy to assemble but instructions could be clearer

VIVO 3-Wheel Dog Stroller – Foldable

This is the three-wheel version of the Vivo dog stroller (above) and I would recommend a three-wheeler for better speed and manoeuvrability, if you have a small dog.  People prefer 3-wheelers for jogging and long walks, but heavy dogs need to be in 4-wheeled strollers. There’s a nifty red button on the 40″ high handle, making it super-quick and easy to collapse the stroller for your car boot or home storage.

The interior is a good size at 19 in. x 12 in. x 19 in. and the padded foam base ensures your pet/s are comfortable. The mesh windows prevent bug-bites and the top mesh is great for checking how your passenger’s doing. The three access points are zip-fastened, which stops boisterous dogs trying to get out. And there are the usual couple of inside leashes to keep pets in place when the mesh windows are open. The ‘roomy’ storage bin is big enough for all your, and your dog’s, accessories. The back wheels have useful, safety brakes and the maximum weight is 30 lbs.


  • Padded inside base is comfortable
  • Good viewing windows and ventilation
  • Fully foldable for easy car transport
  • Two cup holders and handy center tray
  • Plenty of storage space
  • 6 attractive color options


  • 3-wheelers aren’t as stable as strollers with 4-wheels and can tip-over
  • Red ‘fold-up’ button design issues

Paws & Pals 3-wheel Foldable Pet Stroller

Front and rear entry access makes it easy to load your dog, and keep her safely zipped in, so she can’t escape. Interior leash clips keep pets in place when you have the hood down.  The aluminium frame is lightweight, minimizing the effort you need to push your buddy. And the storage bin is large enough to hold a few food items, if you use the zipped-up stroller for shopping trips.

This pet stroller folds down to a very compact size, so it’s a good choice if you want to take it in your car boot to a walking or camping area. Folded dimensions are 32” L x 17” W x 11” H for the stroller section and 21″L x 14″W x 19″H for the carriage.  The mesh screen is removable for times when your pet needs to socialize with other dogs. And the recommended weight limit is 33 lbs. It comes in two colors, black and salmon-pink, and is a highly-rated, best-selling, dog stroller.


  • Front and rear access points
  • Leash clips
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Deep storage bin
  • Removable mesh screen
  • 2 cupholders and center tray


  • Don’t leave pet unattended as 3-wheelers can tip-over
  • Wheels can be a little ‘wobbly’

Pet Gear Pet Stroller + Air-tires – Large dogs

For serious joggers and owners who enjoy long walks on uneven ground, a Pet Gear NV Dog Stroller with Air-tires is the only way to go. Air tires give a super-smooth and comfortable ride for your companion, over grass, dirt paths and any surface. And this 3-wheeled dog stroller has excellent manoeuvrability and outstanding stability. If you like jogging, you’ll appreciate the lockable front wheels, which make it easy to speed-up your daily run.

This dog stroller is a superior-quality item, durable and built for regular use on rough ground. Unlike other 3-wheel strollers, which are only suitable for small dogs, this model has a maximum weight capacity of 70 lbs. And that makes it large enough for the majority of large dog breeds. This heavy-duty stroller weighs 32 lbs. and has an interior measuring 28″ L x 12.5″ W x 22.5″ H.


  • Easy No-Zip entry points
  • Comfy plush pad and all-weather hood included
  • 3 position canopy
  • Wide viewing area
  • 12” Air-Ride tires
  • Easy to fold with one hand
  • Deep storage tray
  • Raised front-paw rest


Cup-holders too shallow – (I tried, but couldn’t find any real ‘cons’, although everyone says the cup-holders are poorly designed!)

Many buyers comment that they underestimated the size of the dog stroller they bought online. So it’s vital to measure your dog’s sitting height, and check this is at least 4 inches less than the stroller’s inside height measurement. And if in doubt, buy bigger.

Dog strollers are a fairly recent idea, but there’s no doubt they are a huge step forward in improving the health and well-being of formerly ‘house-bound’ and elderly dogs!