How to Choose a Dog Life Vests – Best Life Vests For Dogs

Dog life vests are necessary safety-wear for dogs that go boating or swimming with their owner. Dogs are as variable in their health condition and temperament as we are. And they can be fazed by the shock of falling into cold water, just like a human. Certain dog-breeds love playing in water, but thats not the same as an older/fatter dog falling into the ocean. Just as strong swimmers always wear life jacket when sailing, your pet needs the same safety-wear.

Best Life Vests For Dogs

And puppies have no sense of danger, making them do silly things at times. An over-excited puppy’s antics can end badly if there’s water nearby. So whenever you spend time near water with your pet, have a dog life vest on hand. Dog life vests vary according to price, but these are the major safety features you should look for in a good-quality life jacket:

Top-quality materials

Dog life-vests used when sailing need to be weather-proof, so high-density fabric that’s rip-resistant is essential. If your pet should end up in the water, rip-resistant fabric avoids them getting hooked on an underwater protrusion.

Easy to use

Dog life vests may need to be put on your pet in a hurry, so you need a jacket that’s easy to put on and take off. And you should get your pet accustomed to the wearing the life vest at home, before you take him out on the water.

The right fit

Dogs vary in shape making it challenging to find a good fit for some breeds. But choosing a life jacket that’s a very good fit is essential. Look for life vests with plenty of adjustable sections, to get the best possible fit for your dog. In particular, a telescope-neck section goes a long way towards a snug fit. And this allows for adjustments needed for a growing dog. The best quality life-jackets come with a life-time warranty, so being able to adjust the vest is a definite must-have feature.

Sturdy handles

A high-quality dog life jacket will have at least one sturdy handle, so you can grab it and pull your pet out of the water fast. Handles mean you can avoid the obstacle of a frightened pet’s flailing legs, which would otherwise make it hard to get the dog to safety. They are important safety features, so more than one handle is always a good thing.

Buckles & straps

Dog life jackets that have the fastening buckles and straps on the inside are the best choice. Interior straps are safer because they won’t get hooked on the side of a boat, or rocks/branches under the water. Not all dog vest have inside fastening straps, so check before you make your final buying decision.

Safety training

If you take your pet swimming in a local pond, or live in a flood-risk area, you should have a dog life vest ready for use. Practice putting it on and off quickly at home, and let your dog get used to wearing a life jacket. Even the best dog swimmers can get tired, disorientated, or injured by stuff below the water line. And once you get into trouble in water, bad things can happen in seconds. Don’t take chances with your dog’s safety. Get a good-quality dog life vest and keep it on your dog whenever you’re near water!