How to Choose Chew-Proof Dog Beds

Indestructible Dog Beds for Chew-tastic Dogs
Some dogs never lose their instinct to chew and that can cause you both to lose sleep! Your dog won’t sleep well on a bed he’s shredded. And you’ll be losing sleep over the cost of buying yet another bed! The solution is to invest in a good quality, chew-proof dog bed, because you’ll only have to buy it once. So take a moment to discover the best type of chew-proof dog bed for your pet.


Protect your pet with a chew-proof bed

All puppies chew on anything they can find, but most grow out of this phase when they mature. And some breeds continue chewing, gnawing, and swallowing non-food items all their lives. But it’s up to you as a pet-parent to protect your dog from eating dangerous substances. We all know it’s stressful and costly getting medical treatment for a dog that’s swallowed chunks of nylon padding! Buying a tough, chew-proof bed removes the risk and gives you complete peace of mind.

Dog-breeds that always need chew-proof dog beds

These are a few of the breeds that continue chewing and destroying beds throughout their lives:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • German shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Shiba Inus
  • Siberian Husky

How to Choose Chew Resistant Dog Beds

1. Guarantees

All good quality chew-proof dog beds come with some type of money-back guarantee. Some limit this warranty to a specific period, such as 30 – 90 days, but others offer a one-year guarantee period. This is well-worth paying a little more for, especially if your large do chews constantly. When offered a guarantee, always ask if it covers just the bed-cover or the bed and the cover.

2. Decorative chew-proof dog beds

Most chew-proof dog beds are rectangular, but you can buy a few models designed in a curved or half-moon shape. They are modelled on the traditional, wicker-basket dog bed, but the cover is indestructible. Tough-chew offers two chew-proof bed styles, covered in subdued colors and traditional checked patterns. The nylon cover is made from dog-proof, 1000-denier ‘ripstop’, which can be washed and dried easily. And a heavy-duty brass zip makes it easy to put-on and take-off the cover. So if you want an attractive dog-bed to fit in with a traditional home décor, this brand is well-worth a look!

3. Odor-resistant chew-proof beds for messy dogs

Most chew-proof dog beds are water-resistant, making them especially good for dogs that drool saliva. But you should also look for bed-covers treated with Repelz-It fabric treatment. This is a great way to make a bed odor-resistant, by repelling stains and the bacteria that cause bad smells. With a 90-day chew-proof guarantee, you can have total faith in these indestructible dog-beds!

4. Memory-foam beds for older dogs/joint pain

Soft, memory-foam dog-beds provide the thick padded support that gives dogs relief from painful joints. Memory-foam is more expensive than cheaper fillers, but it’s incredibly durable. And anyone who uses a memory-foam pillow, will confirm that for you! Look out for a memory-foam bed, with a chew-proof, ballistic-grade, nylon cover and give your ageing pet some comfort. This type of chew-proof bed can also be moved outside, to let your pet enjoy warming sunshine, too.

5. Chew-proof crate pads

Recommended for light to moderate chewers, some crate dog-beds are perfect for adding comfort to a crate/kennel. Thinner than a dog-bed, chew-proof crate beds can be rolled up for easy storage. And they are extremely convenient when traveling with your pet. You can throw a crate-pad in the back of your car and use it when camping, too.

6. Elevated chew-proof dog beds

For large, heavy dogs elevated beds made with heavy-duty PVC or aluminium tubes are a great choice. The pet sleeps on a raised platform made of indestructible, nylon material known as Kuranda. And as there’s no padding in an elevated bed, they’re the easiest dog-bed to keep clean, and in one piece!

Raised beds allow plenty of air-circulation around thick-coated dogs, keeping them cool in high temperatures. And in cold weather, you can easily throw a fleecy blanket over a pet on an elevated bed.

Owing to their toughness and durability, raised chew-proof beds are the preferred dog beds for Dog-Shelters and Pet-Rescue Stations. Available in the full range of sizes from XS to XXL,  and with various grades of chew-proof fabric, this type of dog-bed comes with a solid, one-year guarantee!