How to Choose the Best Dog Carrier Purses

A fashionable dog carrier purse makes it easy to take your small dog everywhere dogs are allowed. Designed for small dogs weighing between a 3lb. pup and up to 30lb., a pet handbag should be safe and comfortable for your companion. In addition, a dog handbag should be comfortable to carry, with storage pockets, and a washable interior. This guide explains the features on offer, so you can choose the best dog carrier purse for you!

Dog Carrier Purses

Safety features of dog carrier purses

If you plan to use the dog carrier purse whilst traveling by car or taxi, consider one of the brands that’s passed the accident ‘crash-test’. It may seem expensive, but a pet handbag with a car safety feature saves you the cost of a dog car-seat. You can also get dog carriers with special straps to allow easy seatbelt attachment in cars.

Washable interior

Check the dog purse has a good sized, mesh ventilation panel to keep your pet from over-heating. You need to ensure plenty of fresh air flows through. Some pet handbags have a synthetic-fur lined interior, which is great for keeping your dog cosy in cold weather.

If you’ll be carrying your pet in differing temperatures, look for bags with mesh sides that can be left ‘open’ or covered with flaps. And avoid your dog suddenly jumping out with a dog-purse fitted with a spring-clip leash. But the most important interior feature is pads that can be taken out and washed easily.

Carrying comfort

Bags with a padded shoulder strap are popular, as they are the most comfortable to carry. And dog purses vary in offering a shoulder-strap and top handle, or just a top handle.

The bottom section

The inside of the dog carrier purse should have a stiff, removable section at the bottom. This adds more structure to the bag and prevents it caving in. Some dog purses have four studs on the exterior base, which keep the base from picking up dirt.

Storage pockets

A dog carrier purse with large, side-pockets is handy for pet snacks, a leash, and other doggy items. Pockets are fastened with Velcro on some models, and zippers on others. A lot of people find zippers more secure, whilst others find Velcro fasteners easier to close. It depends on personal preference.


If you plan to take your dog along when you fly, the smallest airline-approved size is 10 ½” long x 17” wide x 8.5” high. This size is made for dogs weighing up to 8 lbs. – the ‘tea-cup’ dogs. And for tiny pups of just 3 lbs. or less, you can buy a pet carrier measuring 13.5″ x 6.5″ x 10.5″.

If your dog is larger, consider a pet handbag measuring 16″ long × 8″ wide × 12″ high outside, with an interior size of 15.5″ long × 7.5″ wide × 10.5″ high. There’s also an aircraft approved bag for pets weighing 15 lbs. or less, measuring 17.8” long x 9.5” wide x 11” high.

Style & colors

Whilst almost all brands claim their dog carrier purse is indistinguishable from a ‘designer handbag’, this isn’t strictly true! Some canine handbags look like a grocery shopping bag, with a closable top, and others resemble a ‘fleece’, sports’ bag. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, and style is very much a personal preference. There’s also a lot of color choice available in dog carrier purses, so you can match them with your clothes if you like.

In the upper price range, you really can get a stylish and attractive dog carrier purse. For example, bags made with a waxed canvas and leather exterior with a nylon, water-resistant interior. These include dog purses suitable for carrying a dog weighing up to 30 lbs. and with plenty of zipped pocket storage.

And there’s even a pet carrier shoulder bag made to resemble a beach tote bag, which is pretty ‘cool’! The top range may be quite pricey, but if you need a durable carrier you can take anywhere, this type of quality is worth looking at. Also, you can see what the celebrities wear what kind of pet purses, if you love it ,why not purchase the same one?

Measure your pet

Take a moment to decide which features matter most to you, and that should get you on the right track. And remember that the most common reason for returning dog carrier purses is buying a bag that’s too small.  So careful measurement and space for your pet to sit, stand or lie down are essential.

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