How to Choose the Best Beds for Dogs – Best Dog-Bedding Options

Dog-bedding is recommended by vets to increase a dog’s comfort and provide warmth in wintery low temperatures. And summer bedding should help a dog stay cool in high temperatures. The right bedding is also a good way to reduce the amount of scratches your dog makes on a doghouse floor. You may think this doesn’t matter, but scratched wood tends to rot quickly and make a kennel unusable.

best beds for dogs
best beds for dogs

So if your dog’s comfort and health are important to you, why not read through our summary of the best dog-bedding options right now:

Basic requirements

The bedding you choose for your pet needs to be washable or cheap enough that you can sweep it out and put in a new batch regularly. And there’s going to be a big difference between the bedding a dog needs in winter when it’s cold, and summer bedding. Some dogs bed down indoors, and others have their own doghouse outside. So all of these factors need to be taken into account when choosing the best bedding for your pet.

Old blankets or bed linen

Old blankets, towels and sheets have been used for dog bedding for centuries. Made of cotton, wool or synthetic blends, old linen offers dogs a softer layer between them and a cold, hard floor surface. This type of re-cycled dog bedding is environmentally friendly, and suitable for indoor and outdoor dog beds. Your dog can move a towel or sheet around to cover itself when it’s cold. And old linen can be thrown into the washing-machine to keep it clean and prevent nasty smells developing.

Old curtains and fabric dog-bedding is less messy than wood chips, and less attractive to insects, too! All you need to do to maintain this when used as outdoor bedding, is to shake it once a week. This will prevent spiders, snakes or other unwanted beasties moving in.

Rugs for dog-bedding

Another traditional dog bedding favorite is a rug, which can be new or an old rug re-cycled. A rug with a rubber backing makes an excellent barrier between a dog and a cold, outdoor floor. For dogs who don’t chew everything around them, a small rug with a high pile is perfect. Long fibers are warmer and more comfortable. But if your pet can’t stop chewing stuff, use a short-pile rug or cut-off from a carpet. However, rugs can’t be moved around to form a ‘nest’ like blankets can. So they wouldn’t be suitable as outdoor bedding during cold winters. Rugs designed for heavy traffic and indoor/outdoor use make durable bedding for doghouses.

Specially designed dog beds

Specially designed to suit dogs by weight, dog beds are one of the best ways to keep a dog warm and comfortable in winter. They also great for summer use and can be used inside or outside. Professionally manufactured dog-beds offer many specific benefits to your pet including:

  • Raised dog -beds are perfect for keeping your pet cool in summer, allowing cooling air currents to circulate around your pet.
  • Heated winter beds are great for dogs living in extremely cold climates, with electric models and ‘self-warming’ bedding on offer.
  • Giant dog-beds for large breeds

Wood chip dog-bedding

Cedar and pine wood chips are another bedding option you might want to consider. Chips from these two types of wood have natural insect repellent properties. This is a handy benefit to stop fleas and mosquitoes entering a dog’s kennel. In addition, cedar and pine chips or shavings are excellent insulators keeping the kennel cosy in winter.

Check whether your dog is allergic to the scent of cedar and pine wood before you decide if this is the right bedding. And wood chips aren’t suitable bedding for pregnant/nursing dogs or homes containing puppies. This is because wood can be the host to bacteria that won’t harm an adult dog, but may make a puppy or dog with a lowered immune system very ill.

Types of dog bedding to avoid

  • Hay and straw harbour a multitude of fleas, mites and bacteria that are dangerous to dogs, so steer clear of this type of bedding.
  • Don’t be tempted to give your dog an old duvet, as the dog can chew through the seams and eat the filling. This is dangerous to your dog’s health.

We all sleep better on a clean and comfortable bed and value warmth in winter, and coolness in summer. So it’s great that folks are upgrading their dog’s bedding to promote comfort and good health!