How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

Heavy-duty dog crates are made from high-grade materials, like fortified steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. They are used to keep your dog confined safely for short periods of time during training or traveling. And they are also useful for keeping a boisterous dog out of mischief for a short time when you can’t supervise her.

Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

When should you use a heavy-duty dog crate?

Powerful dogs that may be destructive when unsupervised, are good candidates for a heavy-duty crate. And crate-time can stop a dog from ruining your furniture or scavenging for food. For travel by train or aircraft, you must use a heavy-duty crate that meets the carrier’s specifications. And during car trips, a high-quality dog crate is more likely to keep your pet safe if you’re involved in an accident.

Choosing the best heavy-duty dog crate

Choosing the best heavy-duty dog crate depends on the type of breed, temperament, and age of dog using the crate. And this dictates the right size and durability you need to keep your pet safe and prevent them escaping. Cheap plastic, fabric, and wire dog crates won’t stand-up to a dog that likes to chew or the battering of a strong dog determined to escape. Heavy-duty dog crates are more expensive than the average dog crate, because of the high-quality materials, durability, and escape-proof guarantees. So if you need a totally secure dog crate, you should be choosing one with these features:

Steel heavy-duty dog crates

For extra-large dogs, and aggressive breeds the steel-framed crates offer total security. These top-end, heavy-duty crates or dog cages are made with steel tubing, with H.D. bonding of the stress-points. This type of crate will have two strong door latches and a steel, leak-proof tray for good hygiene. When you buy a cage of this quality, you know it will last for many years and be guaranteed escape-proof. A steel dog-crate is heavy, so they come with removable wheels for easier handling during travel.

Aluminum heavy-duty dog crates

Some aluminum heavy-duty dog crates are also guaranteed escape-proof. Look out for crates with a money-back offer if your dog escapes within 90-days of purchase. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, this type of dog crate is lighter and easier to move around a home. During travel, your dog will still be secure from thieves if you choose a crate with a lock and key feature. Aluminum heavy-duty dog crates should have a grated door and rows of ventilation holes around the sides and back. This is essential for good air flow and to keep your pet cool in hot conditions. The advantage of aluminum is that it’s light enough to be moved around by one person and cheaper than reinforced steel. There are various sizes and models available for dogs up to about 150 lbs.

Playpen-type dog crates

If you need an indoor/outdoor playpen for your dog, they are also available in the heavy-duty dog crate range. Look for an extra-large crate designed to house one or two dogs, up to about 330 lbs. The largest models measure about 48” long x 33” wide x 37” high and have rolling steel castors for easy location changes. Large enough to hold the big breeds such as the bull-mastiff, playpen-type H.D. dog crates are made of steel bars for strength and ventilation.

Travel crates for small – medium dogs

If you need to take your pet on trips by air, look for an IATA-approved heavy-duty crate. The best are made from HD plastic, designed to be durable and comfortable. Steel wire doors and latches keep pets ventilated and secure. Look for a crate with added features, like clip-on food and water bowls. And crates that can take absorbent materials, so your pet can drink and urinate, but stay dry. You can use a heavy-duty crate like this for keeping your pet safe when traveling in your car. Air-approved, dog crates are very lightweight, and come in lots of different sizes. Not large enough for long-term use as dog-crates at home, compact H.D. crates are chew-proof and cheaper than metal crates.

Wire kennel-and-run pens for outdoor dogs

Finally, you may be interested in confining your dog in a kennel and run set-up, when you’re not able to supervise her. Although outdoor kennel and dog-runs aren’t strictly dog-crates, they are a great way to confine your dog safely, in a larger space. Dog runs are recommended for any dog that enjoys being outside, but especially for dogs that are always trying to escape! With a slanted roof and a waterproof top cover, a dog is protected from hot sunshine, rain, or snow!

Heavy-duty pet crates are brilliant for protecting dogs when traveling and keeping them calm when you’re not around!