How to Choose the Right Dog Bowls

There’s been a tremendous amount of innovation in dog-bowl design, so we now have dog-bowls to suit every type of dog. The problem of fast-eating dogs has been a concern for many years, but there are now dog-bowls that make it harder for pets to get to the food. And this slows down eating, and prevents ‘bloat’ and other digestion problems.

Elevated dog-bowls are making eating more comfortable for elderly dogs, as well as giant breeds.  And the ranges of specialized dog-bowls from Walmart and Amazon are packed with new ideas to solve every food-serving issue! This guide deals with the most common dog-bowl/eating issues and how to choose the right dog bowl for your special pet!

Best bowls for dogs
bowls for dogs

1. Slanted dog bowls for bulldogs

Angled bowls are great for pups and short-nosed dogs like boxers and bulldogs, who can’t feed themselves efficiently from a traditional, deeper dog-bowl.  An angled bowl slopes down and has a low lip on one side, allowing full access to the food by your pet. It’s a great design improvement that stops eating difficulty and reduces mess significantly. Use a non-slip mat to stop it sliding about and place on a raised dog-bowl holder for the best access for your pet.

2. ‘Slow feeder’ dog bowls to slow down fast eaters

These innovative dog-bowls are an excellent way to slow down your pet at mealtimes. Slow-feeder dog bowls have ridges and mazes in the bowl, separating the food, so dogs have to work harder to get the food out. They are available in different sizes, colors and with different shapes inside the bowls. Some owners buy several different slow-feeders and vary them to give their dog some mental stimulation at mealtimes, too.

3. Dog-bowls with stand – elevated dog feeders

Elevated dog-feeders are the perfect solution for large dogs, barrel-chested dogs and for dogs with specific health problems. Dogs with arthritis often can’t bend down to eat their food comfortably from floor level. And pets with acid-reflux and other gastric problems need a higher bowl height to feed from without worsening their medical condition.

Some dog-bowl stands have adjustable legs, so you can start pups lower and raise the height later on. Stainless-steel bowls fixed into a stand also stop dogs pushing the bowl around and making a mess on the floor.

Also on offer in this range of bowls is the elevated feeder that stands on an air-tight plastic container. The idea is that you can store about 64 cups of dry dog food beneath the two bowls set on top. It’s a great way to reduce space used by stored dog food in your kitchen cupboards!

4. Dog-bowls for long-eared dogs

Dog-bowls for breeds with long ears are a super idea for spaniels, cockers, springers, cavaliers.  And all dogs with long, feathery ears. ‘Spaniel bowls’ have a different shape from a traditional dog-bowl.  The circle shape is narrower, so the dog’s nose and mouth can get in, but the ears can’t. This stops the dog’s ears from getting wet and messy at mealtimes. And this means less mess on the floor or rubbed off on your furniture! Choose a model with non-slip rubber feet that are moulded in a wavy pattern. Integral moulded feet never come off, even after many dish-washer sessions.

5. Dog-bowls with lids

Using a dog-bowl with an airtight silicone lid makes it easy to store left-over food. And you can keep it fresh ready for when you pet is hungry again. If you choose one with a heavy gauge stainless steel insert, it will be very durable and won’t get the scratches that bacteria use to colonise plastic bowls. Dog-bowls with lids are also great for travelling with your pet, allowing you to pre-load food and water, so there’s refreshment all ready to serve.

6. Stacking dog-bowls for trips

And if you travel frequently or go camping with your dog, try a lidded dog-bowl set with 3 layers. The top layer has a rubber seal making the container completely water-tight. And you can store dry food in the two lower layers. The layers snap together into a set of bowls that are space-saving and convenient.

7. Dog bowls for messy eaters

There are several dog-bowls designed to reduce pets pushing the bowl all over the kitchen, or slopping food over the sides. And most of the bowls included in this review are helpful to reduce mess. But the product that definitely works for all messy eaters is a good, solid pet-food tray. Choose a large size with deep ridges set in the tray, and it will reduce the food-scatter area for a cleaner meal-time. And a tray is so easy to pick-up and wash-off, too!

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