Why Pets Need Dog Steps for Bed & Sofa Access

Providing your pet with dog steps means they can access their bed without being dependent on you lifting them up and down. This means they move more, which helps reduce inflammation and joint-pain in older dogs. But pet parents should also know how important it is to provide dog steps to young and healthy dogs, too.

Why all dogs need dog-steps for bed and sofa access

All dogs can benefit from using dog steps, as frequent jumping up and down from furniture or cars, causes long-term joint damage. If you provide dog stairs right from the start, you can improve long-term health and crucially, minimize specific health risks for certain breeds.

For example, spinal problems in dachshunds could be minimized, if they didn’t damage their spinal-disks by needing to jump up and down frequently. Small dogs are expected to jump up onto very high surfaces, and owners don’t always realize how much this increases the risk of injury.

And for elderly dogs, pets recuperating from surgery and overweight pets, dog steps are the best possible way to improve their everyday comfort!

What exactly are dog steps?

Dog steps are a small set of 3 – 6 stairs, dogs use for access to higher locations, such as dog-bed, a sofa or a car. Dog steps are made from plastic, wood, or high-quality, dense- foam material. And a good set of dog steps should have a non-slip/rubber-grip bottom surface, to keep it stable on all types of flooring. Some steps are more decorative than others, with a choice of colors in the carpeting or fabric covering. But the range of heights is wide, making it easy to buy steps to suit the needs of any dog, up to a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Do you need dog steps or a ramp?

Both items can greatly improve your dog’s general health, but there are some small advantages to consider:

  • Dog steps are a good choice for dogs that have used stairs before and have enough strength to use dog steps
  • Dog steps are better to access stable furniture objects, like a sofa or a bed and can be left in place without getting in the way
  • If space is restricted pet stairs take up less space than a ramp and can be easily stored
  • Foldable stairs are great for small homes and are easy to store
  • Cushioned/carpeted/high-density foam steps help dogs with joint problems

A dog ramp may be better under these circumstances:

  • Ramps are better for disabled or elderly dogs if there’s space to create a gentle slope
  • Dogs that can’t manage house stairs may be better with a ramp
  • Ramps are useful for traveling with your pet in a truck or car
  • Ramps are better for portability and switching from indoor to outdoor use

Adjustable pet steps up to 175 lbs.

Adjustable pet-steps are useful if your dog needs access to furniture of different heights. So you could buy steps that adjust to 3 different heights, such as 16.5”, 17.25”, and 20.5”. Adjustable dog steps are available to support dogs weighing up to 175 lbs.

Foldable pet steps up to 200 lbs.

If your dog weighs up to 200 lbs, you can still buy a sturdy set of stairs that is also lightweight and foldable. Large dogs can use these portable dog steps in different rooms and there’s space for them in the car, too.

Fully assembled dog steps

Some dog stairs come fully assembled, so all you need to do is attach the carpeting, and the anti-slip accessories underneath. These are good quality items and perfect if you’re busy or not very good at DIY!

Luxury high-density foam dog steps

And if you really want to pamper your pet, consider buying high-density foam steps, which are softer underfoot than plastic. This type of stairway really ‘cushions’ your pet’s joints and helps prevent pain. And foam dog steps can also be quite decorative and stylish, with vintage, geometric-patterned covers.

Look for:

  • Easy-step dog stairs with innovative sloped steps that reduce the strain on pet’s joints
  • Wider and deeper stair landings help small dogs get whole body onto each landing
  • Fully carpeted steps – not just a small carpet section in the middle
  • Stairs with a safety side rail
  • Color and fabric-pattern options like vintage, animal and paw-print designs
  • Replacement covers & removable carpet-treads you can machine-wash


Actually, dog-step reviewers don’t have many complaints about the models they’ve purchased. However, some customers complain that:

  • Steps covered with low-pile carpeting aren’t soft enough for their dog
  • Steps with carpeting that doesn’t cover the whole landing pose a risk of the dog slipping
  • Some stairs are a little shaky when assembled, making it hard to teach a pet to use them
  • Some people have found the DIY assembly of cheaper models difficult

Dog-steps aren’t a luxury product, but a real necessity to keep your pet in good health throughout their life.